#Kant: Digitalization - Europe - Sustainability


Digitalization, sustainability, and the future of Europe are three major contemporary challenges. Immanuel Kant, whose 300th birthday will be widely celebrated in 2024, developed his philosophy on the verge of modernity, in the age of Enlightenment.

The first Passau Summer School for Applied Ethics invites its participants to creatively engage in the question of how Kant’s thoughts and concepts might prove fruitful for dealing with the three contemporary challenges of digitalization, sustainability, and the future of Europe: Which aspects of Kant’s practical philosophy might prove relevant, or even shed new light on these issues? Which are the possible pitfalls of Kantian arguments? Coming from different academic disciplines, but working together, we will develop new perspectives on pressing ethical questions.

PASSAE 2024 is composed of:

The final program will be published soon.

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We thank the Passau International Center for Interdisciplinary Research (PICAIS), the Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie (GAP) and the Kant-Gesellschaft for supporting PASSAE 2024.

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